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Containment Scenario: DisLoInterMedTextIdentCation: Horse Medicine, OBooks, 2009
lighthouse, Atelos, 2002
ecnelis: forthcoming, a+bend press, 2000

“Containment Scenario” in Emergency INDEX, 2012 (essay)
“End Notes” in War and Peace: The Future, 2007 (poem)
“Lengthening the Line” in The Walrus, 2007 (poem)
“A Running Horse Veiled” in Cricket Online Review, 2006 (poem)
“to explain describing in the way of making” in Shampoo, 2006 (poem)
Poetic forward in Drama in the Desert, Raised Barn Press, 2002 (poem)
beyond : branching and relational spatiality” in How2 Forum, 2000 (essay)
“temporal declination” in Prosodia 8, 1999 (poem)
“aggregate” (collaboration with Lisa Hoffman) in WOOD, 1998 (poem)
“blanket” (collaboration with Kristie Haag) in Bloody Wymmin #3, 1998 (poem)
“Psychic Landscape” in Chain 5: different languages, 1998 (poem)
“absolute longitude” in .debt, 1998 (poem)
“untitled” in Vapor Strains, 1998 (poem)
“|title|the remembering|/title|” in Prosodia 7, 1997 (poem)
“rounding line” in The I Stands Between Them, What? Press, 1997 (poem)

“Immersion” and “Oceanis” on luminous, ambientPORTAL, 2006 (lyrics and voice)
“Kept My Pleasure Hidden,” “Smooth Sobriety,” “Just Above the Surface,” “Speaking Through Flight,” “Direction,” and “The Farthest End” on Water Rights, Databass, 2000 (lyrics and voice)


The Containment Scenario Project
A five part intermedia performance series adapted from the book Containment Scenario: DisLoInterMedTextIdentCation: Horse Medicine (OBooks, 2009), which explores the language of climate change through improvisational music-dance-theater.
CS:04 — Profound Fatigue (feature), Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, 2011
CS:04 — Profound Fatigue (preview), The Movement Lab, San Francisco, 2011
CS:03 — FUEL, The Luggage Store Gallery Experimental Music Series, San Francisco, 2009
CS:02 — The Clock, POW! Mini Performance Festival, San Francisco, 2008
CS:01 — The Global Environmental Crisis, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2007

Intermedia Ensembles
Sugar Pine Tesla, MEDIATE PlayBack Festival, Marin Headlands, California, 2011
Hypnotism Simplified, Dir. Caroline Penwarden, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, 2008
La Venganza de Huitlacoche, Prod. José Navarreté, ODC, San Francisco, 2007
Promises to the Sun, Dir. Vanessa Beggs, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2007
LiveMedia Traces/Tracts/Texts, Prod. Katherine Mezur, Hass Pavilion, Oakland, 2006
Pagbabalik, Dir. Aimee Suzara, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, 2006
“To Tell the Telling” in Day of the Dead: Local South Mausoleum, Garfield Park, San Francisco, 2006
IRMA, Dir. Gino Robair, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2006
“A Running Horse Veiled” in Works-in-Progress, Bender Room, Oakland, 2005
Linguistic Islands, Prod. Travis Ortiz, Z-Space, San Francisco, 2002
“Lighthouse” in Creation Day, St. John Church, San Francisco, 2001

Return to Memory, Dir. Kathleen Frumkin, Small Press Traffic Poets Theater Festival, Timken Hall, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2016
Flow—Winged Crocodile/The Trains (Act One), Dir. Leslie Scalapino, Small Press Traffic Poets Theater Festival, Timken Hall, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2009
Creative Floors, Dir. Alan Bernheimer, Small Press Traffic Poets Theater Festival, Timken Hall, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2008
Mills Drama Queens, Prod. Carol Wolf, Mills College Fine Arts Annex, Oakland, 2006
Body as Text, Prod. Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Mills College Student Union, Oakland, 2005
Heavenly Bodies, Dir. Mac McGinnes, Small Press Traffic Poets Theater Festival, Timken Hall, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2004
The Houses at Hanging Falling, Dir. Mac McGinnes, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, San Francisco, 2004
Performing Objects: Stationed in the Sub World, Prod. Carla Harryman, The LAB, San Francisco, 2003

Movietelling (Inspired by traditional Korean theatrical narration of silent films)
“The Beginning Return” at I Heart Movietelling, Adobe Bookstore; Melissa Lozano VONA Benefit, Galería de la Raza; Performance Salon 6, Secret Studios; Movietelling, El Rio, San Francisco, 2006; and ShadowDance, Oakland Metro Theater, Oakland, 2006

Poetry Readings
Leslie Scalapino Memorial Reading, University of California, Berkeley, 2010
Segue Reading Series, Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, 2009
Containment Scenario book release, publisher residence, Oakland, 2009
War and Peace, Moe’s Bookstore, Berkeley, 2008
English Department MFA Reading, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, 2007
Dresses/Objects, Prod. Katrina Rodabaugh, Bender Room, Mills College, 2007
Fingersnaps, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, 2006
Hurricane Katrina Relief Benefit, Studio Z, San Francisco, 2005
“the folding action” with James Whiting, Cabinet of Muses, The LAB, San Francisco, 2004
Small Press Extravaganza, Diesel Bookstore, Oakland, 2003
Painters + Poets, Off The Preserve Bookstore, Napa, 2003
lighthouse book release, The LAB, San Francisco, 2002
Second Sundays, The Attic, San Francisco, 1999

Music Ensembles
"Bird & Boat" at Songbird Festival: T.E.L.L., Amnesia, San Francisco, 2014
Muzik Intoxication, Dir. Jason Harris, Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall, 2011
FLUX Jazz Vocal Improv, Dir. Molly Holm, Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall, 2010
Soundscapes CD Release, artist studio, San Francisco, 2010
Unweathered Embers, Dir. myrmyr, soundwave 4 festival, St. Marks Lutheran Church, San Francisco, 2010
Terry Riley Concert, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2006
FLUX Jazz Vocal Improv, Dir. Molly Holm, Mary Woods Bennett Lounge, Mills College, 2005, 2006
Maggie Nicols Concert, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2006
Olivia Block Concert, Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, 2006
let listen linger, Dir. Sarah Elena Palmer, Mills College Chapel, Oakland, 2006
“Uppteka” at Ambi-sonic, Lucid; Performance Salon 3, Secret Studios; SOLACE, Minna Street Gallery; Beats Not Bombs: Afghanistan/Iraq Benefit, Mighty; Virgo Party, El Rio, San Francisco, 2005-2006; and Burning Man Art Festival, Black Rock Desert, 2005
Triple Power: NEXTAID Benefit, Sublounge, San Francisco, 2005
for the birds, Enso Studio, Half Moon Bay, 2002


“lengthening the line” in PoetryPLASTIQUE, Mills College, Oakland, 2006 (sculpture/sound/video installation)
“TWO falling standing” in Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate: Computer Punch Card Art, Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center, Sioux Falls, 2006 (mixed-media painting)
“the cause and effect sequence” (di Rosa Collection) with Laura Paulini in Painters + Poets, Napa, 2003 (mixed-media painting)
“How About Veracity” (2002), “Temporal Declination” (1998), “Terza Preghiera” (1997), Burning Man Art Festival, Black Rock Desert (kinetic/sound installation)
“Cochlea” (2000), “Duration” (1999) with Travis Ortiz, Burning Man Art Festival, Black Rock Desert (kinetic installation)


Flying Deer Theater, San Francisco, 2007-present
Founder and artistic director of an intermedia performance project dedicated to presenting innovative works focusing on issues of the environment through the lens of improvised music, dance, text, video, and theater.

Salon Medusa, San Francisco, 1997-2006
Founder of a monthly multi-disciplinary women’s art salon featuring the creative work of salon members, featured artists, critical discourse, and networking.

WOOD: dialogues among poetry and the visual arts, (www.medusa.org/wood/), 1998-2002
Producer of an online poetry journal featuring commissioned collaborations between poets and visual artists. Published seasonally in a hybrid web/print format.

Cyborganic, San Francisco, 1994-1997
Member of a pioneering arts amd technology online/offline social networking community based around the early emergence of the World Wide Web and 90's Internet culture.


MFA, English & Creative Writing with emphasis live-media and music performance, Mills College, Oakland
Writing and Poetics, New College of Californina, San Francisco
Kulturvetelinjen (Language, Culture, and Arts), Linköping Universitet, Sweden
BA, English Literature and Science, University of Colorado at Boulder


English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Cherokee