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Containment Scenario: The Clock
March 6, 2008
POW! Mini Performance Festival
Space Gallery, San Francisco

Focusing on issues of time and sequencing, The Clock explores the implications and challenges inherent in the complext duality of imagining a future collective environmental crisis while contending with the mundane and often trivial routine of the personal day to day. The Clock is the second installation in the five-part Containment Scenario series exploring the discourse around the climate crisis. Working with stage direction, choreography, structured improvisation, and developed in collaboration with the ensemble, The Clock investigates the tension and disorientation resulting from being thrust at once forward in time while also firmly anchored to the present. The Clock is adapted from the book: Containment Scenario: DisLoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine (OBooks, 2009)

Written & Directed by M. Mara-Ann

Noah Phillips (guitar)
M. Mara-Ann (voice)
Rebecca Wilson (dance)
Holly Furgason (dance)

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